There are appropriate solutions to difficult situations.

An exotic dinner party combines the surrounding charm and tenderness of such  an evening, the magic of scents, flavors and atmospheres "from elsewhere".

Whatever the stage you have reached in your attempt to have your ex back, can’t such a gorgeous dinner party help you, even more if you prepare this yourself ?

Festafrika Dinner Party Kit enables you to prepare an exotic dinner party with meals, environment and decoration "from elsewhere", in an effortless and stress-free way.

Then, buy a Kit with simple recipes to make and cook yourself these trip-inviting meals : she will not fail to appreciate the only opportunity she may have in her whole Life to taste dishes made from your hands. What a dinner party !

Example of what you will find in these kits. Click here
and also here.

You may choose one of the following Kits :

Ndongo Kit (Code : Discover). Main dish : Grilled fish. Click here to see this Ki.

Djindja Kit (Code : Discover). Main dish : Fish with tomato sauce including ginger. Click here to see this Kit.

As an alternative ... Natondioua Kit.

Natondioa Kit (Code : Discover). Main dish : Chicken with tomato sauce including ginger. Click here to see this Kit .

You will find other recipes here.

> About ginger …

Ginger is apparently an excellent sexual tonic.

Among the aromatic substances in the roots of ginger are gingerols, with aphrodisiac properties. Studies have shown that ginger is not only good for problems with impotence but also for infertility (testicular secretions are increased and sperm cells become more mobile with ginger). (Extracts from "Les aliments aphrodisiaques en vente libre").

> Did you know that ?

According to an Ifop survey conducted in France some years ago, published by the magazine "Sélection Reader's Digest", it appeared that French men whisper "I love you" more often than women, and that 37% say this "I love you" at least once a day.

What about you ?

That night, tell her « I love you » which will be as a magic and mysterious formula  ...

In a Cameroonian language (Douala language) « I love you » is « Na tondi oa » pronounce « na-tondi-oua ».



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