Exoticism is an element put forward and exploited in very different ways in the world.

Some people search it through travels to exotic countries, for others, the trip is just on the spot in restaurants or at home, through exotic meals and decoration.

If you want to intelligently use this trend and from time to time, invite your customers to a trip "elsewhere", you are at the right place. Welcome to Festafrika.

- In your restaurant, you need to expand or renew often enough the range of your offers to your customers (menus, decoration) ?

As regards the meals, "exoticism" is often limited to Asian cuisine (Chinese, Japanese cuisine etc.) and the like (Mexican meals). There is little room for "African exoticism" whereas this market does exist and more and more studies show that a growing number of people in the western world want to explore other exotic flavors than the ones they already know "by heart".

When, in addition to the delicious meals you will be able to propose, you add an exotic decoration, this trip "elsewhere" will be even more exciting for your customers.

The cooking courses (for the moment only in French) and the exotic decoration classes will provide you with the elements you need for various original animations in your restaurant (theme dinner parties, meals or events organized according to the specific needs expressed by your customers).

For more details :

. on cooking classes (in French), click here,

. and on decoration courses, click here.

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