Exoticism is an element put forward and exploited in very different ways in the world. Some people search it through travels to exotic countries, for others, the trip is just on the spot in restaurants or at home, through exotic meals and decoration.

Exotic cooking and decoration are thus an important and manifold market corresponding to various needs and services : restaurants exotic meals, supply of dinner party decoration accessories, cooking and decoration courses, organization of exotic thematic events with various exotic dinner party themes etc.

Why ? Because with the magic of scents, flavors and atmospheres "from elsewhere", an exotic dinner may be a privileged opportunity to :

- build new business relationships,

- accelerate an emerging sentimental relationship which is taking off very slowly,

- have your ex back,

- warm up, with family members or friends, relationships which have become quite distant,

- celebrate as various events as a colleague's retirement, a birthday, Valentine's Day, Mothers' Day etc.


In FESTAFRIKA, exoticism is not only at the level of meals, it includes decoration.

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