On your tables enjoy a very pleasant moment
with exotic  meals and decorations
inviting you "elsewhere"

A vos tables, vivez des voyages gustatifs et décoratifs exotiques vous transportant « ailleurs » le temps d’un moment très convivial  …

Exotic recipes  

Recettes des cuisines du monde


Exotic stationery for table decoration

Carterie de table décorative avec thèmes exotiques

Exotic tables decorations

Décorations de tables exotiques

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The magnetism of exoticism

Enjoy yourself with exotic, African recipes

Improve your relationships with a drop of exoticism

and partnerships

Festafrika products

If you are part of the more and more numerous fans of exotic meals.

If once and a while, you want to entertain your guests in an environment inviting them to such a gastronomic trip.

If you want to interrupt the fine-tuned routine of classic meals with your family members, friends, colleagues or your business partners ...

If from time to time, you wish to offer to your customers an exotic decor inviting them to "travel" while at the same time diversifying your menus with exotic meals ...

If you want to put an end to your reputation of "dummy ..." by organizing an exotic "culinary coup" ...

If you want to conquer your soul mate or try to get your ex back through an invitation to a gastronomic trip with a decor and meals carrying both of you "elsewhere" during such an evening ...

If you are creative and wish to boost your skills in the framework of your hobbies.

If you are a member of the 2nd or 3rd generation of the African Diaspora, born in these Western countries where Africa seems "far", so far ..., you will discover in our website the sometimes unsuspected various dimensions and the attractiveness of African products ... which will make you get back to your roots, but which you may also exploit ...

Finally, if you live in Africa, don’t think this website "is not for you". You may be surprised to discover that whether it be in your private life or in your activities, you may not have exploited or taken advantage of all the potential of the African products, for example as regards decoration which you will find here, since the focus is always mainly on cooking ...

If you all want to take advantage of the potential of the exotic environment and markets ...

You knocked at the right door. You will find here :

. recipes of exotic / African cooking,

. suggestions of original tables decoration with exotic elements,

. ready-to-use resources to help you organize exotic meals.

. ready-to-use resources to facilitate the organization of exotic meals or the supply of exotic-related services (decoration, stationery... ).

Welcome to FESTAFRIKA, the website of exoticism on your tables in its various facets !

We wish you a pleasant visit.

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