Your darling has irrevocably turned his heels and your wish is that you be together again.

Whether you are an expert or a newbie in culinary matters, go out of your way to take up  this challenge, with a strong symbolic act. Organize a gorgeous exotic face-to-face dinner party in your home for him.

If, incidentallly,  up to now you have not shown a great interest in that field, won’t  he be knocked down  with these meals especially made by you,  inviting him to this exotic  trip ?

How do you grade this idea ?

Festafrika Dinner Party Kit enables you to prepare an exotic dinner party with dishes, environment and decoration "from elsewhere", in an effortless and stress-free way.

Example of what you will find in these Kits. Click here and also here.

You will find other recipes here.

The pieces of advice hereunder take into account various situations which may arise :

- whether or not you have time for the dinner party preparations,

- your level of experience with exotic cooking and the exploration of exotic meals,

- you are endowed with good appetite or the opposite.

See for yourself hereunder.

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