Laddies, this is a decisive moment when all the lights must be "green"


Laddies, conquest is a crucial stage in the beginning of a love relationship and a face-to-face dinner with meals and decors "from elsewhere" can be a wonderful boost and a beautiful escape with these scents and flavors from elsewhere.

You may select one of the Kits according to their code and if the dinner party is to be organized inside (click here) or outside (click here).

Example of what you will find in these Kits. Click here and also here.

You will find other recipes here.

> Did you know that ?

According to an Ifop survey conducted in France some years ago, published by the magazine "Sélection Reader's Digest", it appeared that French men whisper "I love you" more often than women, and that 37% say this "I love you" at least once a day. What about you ?

That night, tell him « I love you » which will be as a magic and mysterious formula  ...

In a Cameroonian language (Douala language) « I love you » is « Na tondi oa » pronounce « na-tondi-oua ».


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