- Build new business relationships,

- celebrate as various events as a colleague's retirement, a birthday, Valentine's Day, March 8 or Mothers' Day ...

- accelerate an emerging sentimental relationship which is taking off very slowly or have your ex back,

- warm up, with family members or friends, relationships which have become quite distant ...

This time, no more restaurant ! Enjoy the magic of an exotic dinner party at home !

Festafrika Dinner Party Kit enables you to prepare an exotic dinner party with meals, environment and decoration  "from el-sewhere", in an effortless and stress-free way.

It is sold in a ready-to-use digital format.

Among the elements you will find in this Kit : its instructions as well as many ready-to-use templates, from the invitation to send to your guests to the menus to delicately lay on each plate without forgetting the recipes ...

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