products sold in this website are described and their price indicated. The Internaut is invited to read this information as well as the present General Sales Conditions before ordering.


In the coming paragraphs, the following words and phrases shall have the following meaning :

" distance contract " : any agreement for the sale of products concluded between Mrs Mandessi Bell and the Internaut in the framework of a system of electronic mail order selling exclusively using the internet up to the conclusion of the agreement, such conclusion included ;

" order form " : the form describing the features of the product(s) ordered by the Internaut, which shall be signed by him/her with a click on "Buy now" if he/she pays online;

" order " : the step taken by the Internaut to buy a product.

Article 1. Purpose of the Contract

The purpose of this distance Contract is to set up the rights and obligations of the parties in the framework of the sale of the products sold in this website.

Article 2. Contractual instruments

This contract shall include the following instruments in decreasing order with regard to their legal value :

- these General Conditions,
- the Order Forms used by the Internaut.

Article 3. Ordering procedure

3.1. The orders may be placed by using on line order forms.

3.2. Any Order Form signed by the Internaut by clicking as mentioned hereabove is an irrevocable acceptance of the present General Sales Conditions.

Article 4. Order fulfilling

The orders shall be fulfilled almost immediately after ordering.

Article 5. Delivery

In the event of payment on line, the delivery of or or access to the digital product(s) ordered shall take place almost immediately after the ordering procedure :

- by file(s) downloading or access to the digital resources concerned,

- the downloading link is directly sent to the email of the beneficiary/ries from where the file(s) is/are downloaded.

In the event of payment other than on line, the delivery of or access to the digital product(s)/resources ordered can take place only after checking of the payment made, the downloading or access link is thus directly sent to the emailsof the beneficiary/ries.

Article 6. Warranty

6.1. Our products supplied are the result of rigorous handling and management. Our warranty implies that :

- the products ordered shall be in accordance with their description,
- the terms for fulfilling orders, for delivery and for making the documents available on line shall be respected.

6.2. We cannot be liable for any postponement resulting from circumstances beyond our control (notably acts of God).

6.3. In the event of crash or problem on the hard disk of the computer of the buyer or of the beneficiary of the order, an additional copy of the product may be sent to him/her if he/she so requests with the references of the sale, after checking of thesaid references in our records.

Article 7. Price

7.1. Whatever the currency mentioned in the description of the products, their price may be paid in any other currency converted according to the daily change rate.

7.2. Special offers are strictly in connection with the number of copies mentioned. The corresponding price is due as such.

Article 8. Terms of payment

8.1. The Internaut shall make the payment relating to his/her order cash
through the payment method chosen (for additional information, clich here).

8.2. An invoice shall be sent upon delivery in the event of payment other than on line.

Article 9. Utilization of the products

Unless otherwise specified, the products are delivered for a personal use. They should be downloaded and utilized on your usual computer in use. They must not be reproduced, copied, sold, sold again, or exploited for a commercial purpose whatsoever, notably in web sites or otherwise. Any utilization to ends other than the one indicated here-above shall give rise to the institution of lawsuits.

Article 10. Personal information

The personal information asked from the Internaut are necessary for the handling of the orders and shall exclusively be used to this end. They may, where necessary, be sent to our partner in charge of the handling of the Secured Payment Space (Paypal).

Article 11. Electronic signature

Clicking on "Buy now" shall constitute the electronic signature which shall have, between the parties, the same value as a hand-written signature in paper order forms.

Article 12. Complaints

For any claim r elating to fulfilled orders or to difficulties for ordering
, click here. The first ones must be sent latest, 7 (seven) days after the documents have been delivered or made available online.

Article 13. Cryptology

We warranty that if we happen to use any means or service relating to cryptology to make the transactions related to the book supply, this shall be done in compliance with the laws in force.

Article 14. Evidence

The communications, orders and payments which occured between the parties shall be registered in computerized registers kept as evidence in appropriate and secure conditions.

Article 15. Conservation and filing of the transactions

The filing of Order Forms and Invoices in the framework of the business relations occuring shall be made on a reliable equipment so as to keep an accurate and long-lasting copy.

Article 16. Scope of the Contract - Waiver

These General Conditions constitute all the parties'obligations. The fact that Mrs Mandessi Bell did not avail itself of a failure from the Internaut to fulfill one of his/her obligations under this Contract shall not be deemed to be a waiver thereof.

Article 17. Laws governing the Contract - Competent courts

17.1. Any dispute which may arise between the parties in the framework of this Contract shall first try to be settled amicably, on the initiative of the promptest party.

17.2. In the event of persisting disagreement between the parties, the dispute shall be settled by the competent courts in Douala, Cameroon, which shall implement Ohada Law on sale.

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